Revival Part 7 – A People called by His Name


Continuing to look at 2 Chronicles 7:14, we look at the next phrase words: “Who are called by My Name”.

We have looked at the conditional preposition “if”, and the responsibility we have in revival. But the “if” applies to “my people”. Revival is not for everyone in the world, it is specifically aimed at the people of God.

The People of God are those who are called by His name. In order to be called by His name, we need to first call on his name, the name of Jesus for our salvation. Acts 2:21 states; “And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

If you have not personally called on the name of Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you cannot claim to be one of his people. You may go to church, read the Bible, sing Christian songs, even take communion, but if you don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus, you are not a part of the family of God.

Along with being a member of the family of God we have a tremendous responsibility. It is our responsibility to represent and honor the name of Jesus in the world. Whether we like it or not, people judge the church by the behavior of those who belong to the church. If a Christian sins and it becomes public knowledge, people don’t say that he/ is an exception to the rule, no, the church is judged by the faults of those who have failed. It does not mean that as Christians we live perfect lives, but we need to understand the greater implications of when we are tempted to sin and bring the Lord’s name down by our lifestyle.

As Selwyn Hughes writes; “It is one thing to be ostracized because of Christ, it is another thing when Christ is ostracized because of us.”

It is indeed a tremendous responsibility to be called the people of God, let us take that responsibility seriously every day for the glory of God and for the name of Jesus.